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The Prequel A Gift & A Curse 

New Album From CEO Wreckless Available On All Major Platforms Now!!!

The Prequel-A Three Part EP of Grisly Tales From CEO Wreckless.

CEO Wreckless has released a new EP as a prequel to his album. (A Gift & A Curse) This three part series is a structure of tales told from the perspective of a more gritty CEO Wreckless.

 In a detailed mix of stories ranging from disloyalty to the pitfalls of substance abuse, part one Entitled "Spiteful Intentions" gives you a first hand look in the ying & yang of crossing paths with CEO and the repercussions of those actions. 

In Part Two Entitled "Dying For The Thirst" Listeners are brought to the hustle driven thoughts of CEO Wreckless and his natural drive for money and those willing to spend, even going as far as setting up a robbery with the help of a female friend.  

In the last part of the series "Shots" CEO gives chilling details on his rise in the street as well as power through any means necessary.  Ultimately ending the series with a grand sendoff of lyricism and delivery, CEO Wreckless has once again provided his audience with another set of hits with, The Prequel A Gift & A Curse. Available now on all major platforms.

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