Wreckless "Spiteful Intensions" Official Video 


Money Hungry Monstaz is the team headed by President/Ceo Wreckless (Center Top) which consists of but not limited to, Rapper Realzy Real (Standing Left), Artist/comedian Christ (Standing Right), Producer/Rapper duo Za & Sus Pesos (Center Left/Right), Rapper J Syck (Bottom Left), and Rapper Cambino (Bottom Right).  

Money Hungry Monstaz was formed slowly over the years but ultimately started at a young age with Ceo Wreckless figuring out how to build his team up.  While checking out every artists style and taking in who they are on a day to day basis, Wreckless knit picked thru a long list of possible MHM candidates but has solidified his round table that is ever growing.   


The Team 


CEO/President of M.H.M 

On top of being the head of the Money Hungry Montaz team Ceo Wreckless is a entrepreneur of many trades running multiple businesses including his Adios clothing line and Legacy Music Empire recording studio.  His financial and social status in Louisville is a true testament of his nature of hustle as well as his mindset which could be compared to that of the most notable mob figures.  

       His music generates a a feeling of motivation and influence that could gear up the stiffest of individuals, or maybe listen to "Whats Going On" ft local artist Kori Black and get a rude awakening on the raw and gritty side of whats happening in his city as well as widespread America.  Being the definition of a truly versatile rapper Wreckless aims to please any crowd no matter the subject.  



Zadough brings a long roster of not only self produced beats but original material in every song.  Some of which is done with his brother and M.H.M member Zeus Pesos making the duo group The Oruh, whose music can be described as authentic and psychedelic at times.  Zadough's latest project with Luni Vision "I'm Good" is on Youtube as well as a Album titled Rose Gold dropping summer 2017. 

J Syck 


Long time member J Syck has a powerful story to tell through his lyrics of pain and progression living a hard life.  This can be heard in his hit single "Own Man" where he describes how life can sometimes feel overwhelming but with a boss mentality can overcome the toughest of obstacles.  when hes not rapping lyrics J Syck is also the designer of the ceowreckless website and does social media promotion as well. 

Realzy Real (Lord Samir)


Originally born in Bosnia, Realzy Real knows first hand how it feels to grow up in a new country, and the difficulties that come with having a ethnic background. hes tells this compelling story in "Life of an Immigrant" through police brutality and political conflict he not only represents himself but all immigrants facing the troubles of being on foreign land.  

Sus Pesos


Younger brother of M.H.M member Zadough, Zeus Pesos has a lot to prove not only to his peers on his team but his older sibling as well.  Easily named the prodigy of M.H.M he brings logic driven lyrics that drives listeners to focus on the word play and binding metaphors that build up a fluent repertoire of songs.  Zeus is currently working an album for late 2017 but performs locally at venues between album production.  

Fame Danger 

Tattoo Artist/Rapper 

Originally rapping for the Modern Day Hippies Fame Danger joined the Money Hungry Monstaz in 2017.  Between doing tattoos for his team and bringing his lyrics to life Fame brings a feeling of reaching the top spot through his music, in his new single "I Should be the Man" he expresses a yearning for a greater lease on life that is destined for him.  His tattoo work can be viewed on his Facebook page as well as his project with Luni Vision. 

Kelvo Beats


With a soulful background in music its no secret you hear R&B and Jazz influences in the rhythmic instrumentals of Kelvo Beats.  Using a multitude of instruments and sounds behind quotable artists samples, hes engineered beats for almost every member of M.H.M and has a every growing fan-base through social media.  His beats can be purchased or customers may make an inquiry on his Facebook page found below. 

CEO Wreckless " My Hustle" 11K Views on Youtube 

Wreckless: My Hustle.

Shot By: Luni Films.

Released: 05/2017

Written/Performed By: Wreckless 

Za " I'm Good" 

Za: I'm Good.

Shot By: Luni Films.

Released: 03/2017

Written/Performed By: Za

J Syck Ft. Wreckless " own Man"  

J Syck: own Man.

Shot By: Luni Films.

Released: 02/2017

Written/Performed By: J Syck/Wreckless.

Realzy Real " Life Of A Immigrant" 

Realzy Real: Life Of A Immigrant.

Shot By: Luni Films.

Released: 01/2017

Written/Performed By: Realzy Real 

Fame Danger " I Should Be" 

Fame Danger: I Should Be.

Shot By: Luni films.

Released: 05/2017

Written/Performed By: Fame Danger.

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