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Getting To Know Wreckless 

At the age of 11, Bryan C. McNairy started free styling, battling for fun around his childhood neighborhood and always managed to win. He made a tremendous impact in the community and eventually winning his crowds over, so much so that he developed a fan base that encouraged him to start rapping.

Later in life deriving the rap name, Wreckless; Bryan met an A&R on a humble who heard his freestyle and advised him to start recording. Initially Bryan didn’t take the advice serious but after receiving multiple requests from friends and family, he started recording at an inner city professional recording studio, Headfirst Media which is in the hub of Derby City. The MC created a single titled “In this Game”.

He states he has a story to tell and by any means necessary he will get his story out. Wreckless insist his style will bring back that 90’s flow, and the ability to tell stories, his music portrays the day to day living, but advising his listeners that one can still have fun and can groove to the music.

The artist opinion is that no one takes the time to put substance into their lyrics; he wants entertainers to put more into their lyrics than what is currently being showcased. Wreckless continuously recites to his listeners to not be a follower, instead to be your own person. The MC’s sole mission is to flip the rap game and will stop at nothing to bring the street essence into the music business.

Wreckless has notorious tag lines that will saturate the world, he state’s “Don’t count your days, make your days count” and feels strongly that “The key to success is the constancy of purpose” in former words; the quality of having a resolute mind and a purpose is what makes him strive for nothing but greatness.

"Get To Kno" Vlog with Wreckless

Get an in-depth behind the scenes interview getting to know CEO Wreckless President of M.H.M.  As he gives fans a look into the deeper meaning behind his musical influence, as well as the story behind the transformation into the recording artist we all know as Wreckless.   continue reading below  as he answers much asked fan questions and provides updates on his upcoming projects with his Money Hungry Monsters (M.H.M) label in an exclusive I.A.A interview   



  • 1. What city and State are you from Wreckless?

I was Born in Louisville and raised in Brooklyn off and on till I was about 12 years old then came back to live in Louisville officially and was back and forth every other year my mother is from Louisville born n raised and she wanted me to be born in Louisville by the doctor at the same hospital that she gave birth to her first child my sister Shannon but my dad was wanting me to be raised in NEW York with my other family members so that’s how I ended up going back and forth.

  • 2. What is your music background?

I have a lot of a musical background growing up where I was from there was always a lot of biggie being played pac, nas my dad is also a singer and has sung and has done a lot of performances locally and my brother from Shreveport Louisiana is also an amazing singer and rapper but he does it for more of a hobby he is a party promoter in Shreveport Louisiana and has lived there mostly all his life so he is really loved there in the music community and most importantly my music back ground came from my grand father Herman Edwards he was one of the best saxophone players here In Louisville ky and was all over there radio and at every night club you could think of performing if not with his band then he would carry on the show solo by his self so I owe all of them for my music background defiantly.

  • 3. What would you say your songs about?

My songs are about life my life the life of my friends around me to only better and bring a real raw hardcore reality of whats really going on out here in this world to not only the youth but to a lot of our adults because we need change and we gotta start in our community so one of my best ways to bring hope to my community is uplifting them through my music.

  • 4. What has been your favorite song to perform and why?

My favorite song to perform is WHATS GOING ON It’s a song I did because of all the killings going on and I really wanted to direct it to everyone and really give them a complete different outlook on what there doing and who all there really hurting and every time I perform this song you can just see it in the eyes of the people that their really listening and taking in everything that im saying and I having their attention the whole time and when im done just the amount of appreciate and respect I receive from that song really makes me feel good like I may have possibly changed someone’s life from this song which is really my main goal thru majority of the songs I release and write and ive also performed this record at a few parades in my city.

  • 5. What has surprised you the most in the pursuit of a music career?

I would say That fact that I have never giving up and continue to work so hard in this music industry it has taught me discipline it has taught me patients it has made me even more book smart its showed me the snakes and the liars which was really surprising to me because a lot of them are your own friends and business partners and I feel if we all after one big goal why not achieve it together n people will just try to use u run u over so its makes u aggressive and smarter on the business side of knowing who to trust and who not to I ventured in the music industry young at 13 14 years old so I’ve grown up learning everything I could and just being in it so young you would be surprised who many will try n play for a check.

  • 6. Who are your musical influences?

Im still a really big 50 cent fan as well as Biggie Nas Kendrick Lamar Michael Jackson Timberland Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Problem J Cole Fabolous Jadakiss and many more trust me

  • 7. How would you describe your music to people?

I would defiantly describe my music as influential motivating soulful passionate creative energetic fun and teaching my music is truly well rounded I can come at you from any angle or the music industry I go off of what I’m feeling and what’s around me because I know theirs millions of other people who’s story is similar to mine so I not only reach out to them but to the ones who’s life isn’t like mine so I can bring light and reality of our life to them.

  • 8. What makes you stand out from other artist?

I would say the fact that I never give up or give in I work all day all night for my dreams n goals I’m already changing the life’s of people through my music I’m not scared to talk about my real life or what’s going on around me I don’t do what every one else is doing using other peoples styles just to make it is terrible I have my own sound my own style I am the meaning of dedication and I prove it every time with hard work n blessing.

  • 9. What would you like see changed in today’s music industry?

Its been coming out a lot better then it has been with emerging artist over the years like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole and Hopsin that use to be with funk volume other then that I would like to see all of the terrible music that’s being played by these djs and giving life to terrible music I’m not saying no names but just the amount of garbage music that is being played stop giving non hard working artists a outlet when its tearing apart our music industry we need more people like Kendrick lamar or Wreckless to bring more and more impact to the music industry for the good and pressure these garbage music artists to work hard perfect their craft and put out better music.

  • 10. What are some of your upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

I have a mixtape that’s going to be dropping soon called A Gift & A Curse so defiantly stay tuned for that it is my best project so far I put a lot of hard work long hours into it and I know it will have a major following A Gift & A Curse Wreckless.

  • 11. What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would say some of my career goals is to be signed to a major label and one day and to part own that label once im able to possibly achieve that I would like to also own my own record label and work hard along some of the greats of the music industry and hopefully be able to branch off while im doing my music and do films and lift my organization up off the ground that is called H.O.P.E and do a lot of touring I love to travel and see the world it helps expand your mind mentality.

  • 12. How can your fans access your music and contact you?

Well theres a few ways I have my own website where you can go to and access all my music video my business I run all of my account like Face Book Twitter IG Youtube Linkedin Tumblr Blogger Viemo so plenty of ways for you to stay up to date with me and my music, So please sign up on the website to receive updates through email about what all I have going on and when I will be coming to perform in a city near you or in your city and you can also access my page for Features Booking Performances and Buying my music and many more thank you for your attention its Wreckless. CEOWRECKLESS.COM






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